As a ISO 9001:2008 certified sheet metal fabricators in China, we provide customers with stable and reliable products and competitive prices, and we offer a cost-effective and on-demand solution for your manufacturing needs. The services range from standard gauge to particular gauge, and we will be responsible and manage for every step of materials, manufacturing, inspection, packaging and delivery.

We provide a wide variety of metal tube fabrication processes, includes cutting, drilling, flattening, machining, bending, coiling, end forming, welding, surface finishing and assembly. The products are widely used in construction, furniture, health and fitness, heavy equipment, lawn and garden, petroleum, mining and refrigeration industries. If you are looking for a real factory to work the metal tube fabrication job, we will be your ideal partner.

Maxtech Manufacturing Company is a manufacturer of metal fabrication in China. We provide a custom metal fabrication solutions according to customer requirements, includes prototyping design, drawing converting, manufacturing, quality control, reports, printing, packaging, container loading and delivery solution. Our mainly service of metal fabrication includes sheet metal manufacturing, metal cutting (laser cutting, plasma cutting, waterject cutting), bending/folding/forming, CNC punching, welding, assembly and surface treatment.

Maxtech Manufacturing Company can be able to utilize China's low-cost structure to provide a affordable and reliable final metal fabrication product. We familiar with the industry and market of metal fabrication from our 15 years of manufacturing experience. Our development & design department can provide custom service of design and package to your exact specifications. We support various formats of drawing files from images (PDF/JPG/JPEG/PNG/GIF), 2D drawings (CAD/DXF) to 3D drawings (STP/STEP/IGS/IGES/XT/SLDPRT). If you have a custom request, we are gladly to offer a competitive quotation. Please send Email to, get more detail, and welcome to visit in China.

Product Name Annual Production Volume Unit Type
Sheet Metal Fabrication 8000 Set/Sets
Welding and Fabrication 2000 Ton/Tons
Other Metal Parts 500 Ton/Tons

Business Terms:
Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, CIP, DDP, DDU, Express Delivery
Accepted Payment Type: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal
Nearest Port: Shanghai Port, Ningbo Port

The metal fabrication is a commonly used metal manufacturing technology of metal sheet and metal tube to achieve value-added process. The mainly process of metal fabrication includes cutting/shearing, stamping/punching, bending, riveting, welding, surface treatment and assembly. Now many types of automatic equipment, semi-automatic equipment and manual tools can be support its customizable, low cost and flexible production to do samples, low-volume prototypes and high-volume production runs. We provide a variety of materials according to your requestment. The commonly used materials of metal sheet and tube includes carbon steel/mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloy, brass, bronze, etc. If you are looking for a metal fabrication manufacturer in China, Maxtech Manufacturing Company will be your ideal partner.

In here we list some project cases that we have been produced for you to reference, and maybe some help for your project production. For reasons of confidentiality agreement, we can not provide detailed customer information. We know that the past does not represent present and future. But these project cases prove our authenticity, our capability, we can be trusted by you.

Quality control seems to be an unavoidable topic before we have started working together. The following is Maxtech Manufacturing Company can be provide quality control standards. Maybe it's not perfect, Maxtech Manufacturing Company wants to build a more reasonable and stable quality system through our discussion. Welcome customers to come and audit our productions and give suggestions for improvements.
(1) Extensive quality control to ISO 9001-2008 (Download)
(2) Materials Report: Material Chemical Composition, Tensile/Compression Strength and Surface Hardness
(3) Coating Report: Galvanizing Thickness, Power Coating Thickness, and Salt Spray Test for Corrosion
(4) Welding Report: Ultrasound Test for Welding Quality (NDT Testing)
(5) Final Inspection Report
(6) Third Party Testing and Report

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